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ATN Mars 384-19 1.3-5X (60Hz) Thermal Scope

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ATN Thermal Rifle Scope Mars 384-19 1.3-5X (60Hz)


Mars Thermal Line of Scopes offers the first revolutionary Tactical and Hunting solution for Customers. Light, tough, build to last - Mars products come equipped with the latest electronics and sensors. A High resolution micro-display brings out minute changes in heat - easily identifying your target and quickly turning it into your helpless prey.Equipped with 384x288 resolution Thermal Sensors, Mars Scopes exceed standards for most military scopes while priced to provide the best value for your money! Electronic Zoom, Multiple Reticles, Various B&W and Color Modes, NO annoying manual Nukes or loud Shutters, are just some of the features that take Mars Scopes to a whole new level.


Light and compact design

DIGITAL Brightness Control

Multiple Color Modes


Choice of reticle color

Digital NTSC / PAL

E-ZoomSmart Zoom



Sensor (microbolometer) 384x288 px
Frame rate 60 Hz
Video output Digital NTSC / PAL
Display 800x600
Lens System 19 mm
Optical Magnification 1.3X
E-Zoom 2.5X, 5X
Distance of the human detection 650 m
Distance of the human recognition 300 m
Distance of the human identification 200 m
Reticle Multiple Reticles to Choose From
Reticle Color Red, Green, Blue, White & Black
Nuke Automatic Nuke ­ No Manual Nuke Necessary
Smart Zoom Mars’s Reticle will Automatically Adjust its position when using E­Zoom
Polarity control White hot / Black hot / Multiple Color Modes
Lens Germanium with Multi Coating
Environmental Rating IP67
Battery type 2 x CR13A battery type
Housing Aircraft Aluminum 6061 T6 w/ class III hard anodized coating
Weight 610 g
Warranty 3 year