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GRS Berserk

 Please call us at the store to check availability of the GRS Sporter stock to fit your partucular action, as not all varients are available at all times from the importer...

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GRS Berserk



·        The material is a 15% fiberglass reinforced Durethan.

·        The composite stock will be made in one size, black colour and in right hand configuration only.

·        The grip and forend is 5% slimmer than the Sporter varmint.

·        LOP 33,5- 36,5cm. This size and LOP is the ideal based on the feedback we get from end users.

·        The surface under the rear stock has been lengthened so it will work better with the use of rear bags during prone shooting with bipods.

·        The grip and fore end has rubber grip surfaces for better friction in wet conditions. The surface of the rest of the stock is also with a texture so it is very easy to grip.

·        The stocks will have pillar bedding in them as a standard made from 65% glass.

·        They come with flush cup sling mounts and push button sling loops.

·        They will have one sling mount on the front stock for mounting bipods.

·        Weight is 1,4kg in the Tikka T3 inlet.

·        The height adjustable recoilpad can be mounted as well (optional extra feature!).




We have planned to manufacture composite stocks for a long time, but we have not had the time and recourses to do so until now. We feel Berserk stocks will be a perfect addition to our existing product line.
The reason we want to deliver these stocks is that we know the end users have asked GRS about synthetic stocks since we started with the laminate stocks in 2012. A lot of end users would like to have our ergonomic and adjustable features, but they want them to come in a more tough and durable material than the laminate.

This product will also be in a lower price range and It comes in right hand configuration only.






Adjusted dimensions in the grip, fore end and length will fit most People.
The rubber grip and fore end surfaces gives you a firm grip even in wet conditions.
The Stock comes with pillar bedding Blocks made from 65% glass fiber as standard.
Recommended torque is 5nm. 
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    Howa Vanguard S/A, Rem 700 S/A, Rem 700 L/A, Tikka T3, Savage 12 DM, Savage 16 DM
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