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Digex C50 DNV Scope Wi-Fi

Digex C50 DNV Scope Wi-Fi


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DIGEX C50 Digital Day and Night riflescope for professional hunting, pest control, and forestry. Full HD CMOS sensor with high nighttime sensitivity offers excellent image quality 24/7: full colour natural looking image during the day, colour image in the twilight without auxiliary infrared illuminator and bright monochrome image in the night. HD AMOLED screen ensures correct colour rendering and excellent image detail. Combined battery system consisting of internal and external battery offers up to 10hours of non-stop work. Advanced set of ballistic adjustments provides all necessary features for precise aiming and shooting.

  • 24/7 use

  • Full-Colour imaging from sunset till dusk in the Colour Twilight mode

  • Over 500 m night detection range

  • Authentic daytime colours

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge

  • Classic design. Mounting on standard 30 mm rings

  • Wide-angle eyepiece

  • Variable magnification 3.5x to 14x

  • Photo and video recording

  • High-precision aiming with"Picture-in-picture" mode

  • High caliber recoil up to: .375H&H,12 gauge and 9.3x64

  • 5 individual shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances

  • Remote firmware update

  • Stream Vision 2. Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices

  • Operating temperatures from -25 to +50 ¬∞C

  • Fully waterproof IPX

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