Engage 1700

Engage 1700


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The Bushnell 6x24 Engage 1700 Laser Rangefinder is designed to give you the cool confidence to take that long-range shot secure in the knowledge that your first shot will hit where you want it to.

The powerful infrared (IR) laser can range out to 1700 yards (equivalent to a mile) to a reflective target, or 700 yards (more than 1/4 mile) to a deer—making the Engage 1700 the ideal choice for big game hunters looking for game across the expansive prairies of the American West. Integrated into the ranging system is an inclinometer that measures the relative angle between you and your target and displays an adjusted range distance for you to more accurately estimate your ballistic drop compensation (BDC) and improve your shot accuracy. You can choose to spot range to a single stationary target or scan the terrain, metering multiple targets or tracking a moving target, and select from Brush mode that ignores the interference from brush or tall grass in the foreground if your game is walking through grass or woodlands and Bullseye mode that selects smaller targets when you're varmint hunting.

The simple and uncluttered LCD display is easy to read in all light conditions without interfering with the view, while a simple two-button interface makes navigating the system functions and options quick. A collar around the eyepiece brings the view into sharp focus, with a comfortable eye relief that won't cause eyestrain. Designed to withstand inclement weather, the housing is rated to IPX4 to keep rain and snow out of the electronics, with a slip-resistant grip. The compact form factor is ergonomically designed to be used one-handed, and with a weight of under 7 ounces, it can be carried in a pack or pocket all day without any trouble at all.

  • IR laser is invisible so it's safe for humans and animals and won't give away the user's position
  • Minimum metering range of 7 yards makes it usable for bow hunters
  • Impressive maximum metering range of 1700 yards to reflective targets—equal to 1 mile—is ideal for long-range hunting and shooting, such as seen on the prairies of the American West
  • 1000-yard metering range—more than 1/2 mile—to trees
  • 700-yard—significantly more than 1/4 mile—to deer
  • ±1 yard accuracy at 100 yards
  • Angle Range Compensation (ARC) system uses an integrated inclinometer to measure relative angle to the target and provides adjusted distance to improve shot accuracy
  • Spot and Scan modes
  • Brush and Bullseye modes
  • Selectable reticle options—Circle-dot, Dot only, Circle only—allow users to customize the reticle according to their personal preference
  • Measures in yards or meters
  • Runs on one included CR2 battery
  • Spot Mode: Single range to stationary targets
  • Scan Mode: Range is updated four times per second for constantly updated distances to moving or multiple targets
  • Brush Mode: Ignores foreground objects like bushes and branches and ranges to the furthest target, ideal in woodland scenarios
  • Bullseye Mode: Acquires smaller foreground targets and ignores distant background objects, ideal for varmint hunting
  • ARC Modes: Selectable modes optimized for either bow or rifle hunter

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