Weaver Gunsmith Torque Wrench


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Get just the right amount of torque on your rings and bases with Weaver's Gunsmith Torque Wrench. Every mounting system operates best at predetermined manufacturer's specs, and with the Weaver Gunsmith Torque Wrench you can dial in that constant screw pressure quickly and easily. >>Don't damage your scope by over tightening rings and bases. Use the Weaver Gunsmith Torque Wrench and protect your optic investment.

  • 10 to 80 inch/pound
  • Helps mount scopes and bases with consistent screw pressure to manufacturer's specs
  • Includes a variety of bits for different fasteners
  • Helps protect riflescope tubes from over tightening of rings
  • Magnetized tip secures bits
  • Rugged storage case

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