142 Piece Gunsmith Hex Head Screw Kit


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These difficult to find screws are favored non-slip replacements for slotted screws. Packaged in a handy storage box with individual compartments for each size screw. Includes tweezers and a thread size gauge, which also doubles as a shortening jig used to grind a screw to a shorter length. Save time and money with the Master Gunsmith Hex Head Ring & Base Screw Kit, as it comes stocked with everything a gunsmith would need to replace slotted screws. Order today!

Kit contains: (Hex size: 3/32)

#6-40 Fillister Head (3/8, 1/2)

#6-40 Oval Head (1/4, 3/8)

#6-48 Fillister Head (1/4, 3/8, 9/16)

#6-48 Oval Head (1/4, 3/8)

#8-40 Fillister Head (1/4, 3/8, 1/2)

#8-40 Oval Head (1/4, 1/2)

Individual screws not available separately.

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