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828U Sporting


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Exclusively designed for the Sporting disciplines, the 828U Sport is light, adjustable and has up to 40 stock positions for ultimate alignment. Weighing in at 3.6kg, the 828U Sport has an innovative balance system using a combination of small weights in the buttstock. Adding or removing these weights changes the centre of balance allowing the shooter to obtain the ultimate balance for their shooting style and achieve consistent performance. Additionally the 828U incorporates Powerbore technology; the cryogenic treatment of barrels and chokes, and solder-free barrels to maximise precision, speed and patterning, ensuring high ballistic performance.
Perfectly balanced, the Benelli engineers paired the internal Steel Locking System with a steel receiver. The additional weight in the centre of the gun creates a system that is well-balanced and stable and helps reduce felt recoil during the thousands of shots fired with a target gun. It is well known that a correct gun fit results in more accurate shots on target, with this in mind, the 828U has a moveable trigger; the trigger can be moved forward or backward so your finger sits exactly where you want, personalised to your finger length.
In true Benelli style, the 828U Sport is not only technically built for performance, the anatomically-shaped stock makes it a beautiful and ergonomic shotgun. The anti-glare matte finish, carbon-fibre wide rib, and white sight ensure that the focus is exclusively on the target. The ultimate sporting over and under shotgun.

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