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TheALASKAN 45technicalbackpackis equipped with a new, super-comfortable back system. It has a removable sheath (fixing by two clips) for transporting a rifle (with or without a scope). Further, with the rifle positioned butt up and the scabbard open, you can easily grab your rifle while keeping the bag on your back-ideal for approach hunts.

This hunting backpack combines carrying efficiency with ideally distributed loads and functionality with its special gun or bow attachments. Multiple access points help you swiftly load the bag, and make accessing your stuff—even when it's at the bottom of the bag—a much easier process.

This hunting backpack is easy to travel with. It can be taken on an aeroplane as cabin baggage (without the scabbard of course). It's also ideal for long-distance horse hunts (with scabbard fixed alongside the saddle).


- Volume: 45L
- Waterproof fabric
- 7 pockets, 1 main compartment with separation (2 compartments)
- Hydro pocket
- Compression straps
- Zips YKK (the global benchmark for zips)
- Fluorescent hood for safety (on the flap) and bag signage (practical when night falls to find your bag)


Adjustment:To adjust the bag to its size it is important to adjust the bag carefully, make minor adjustments and ensure the bag is the correct size. Make sure that the sling passes over the shoulder from the back panel without leaving the shoulder at any point. The belt should be snug and placed over the iliac crest (weight is on the waist), depending on the setting there should be enough room to remove or add layers of clothing.

Compress contents securely using external compression straps. The goal is to give the bag an elongated and slim profile. It is especially important to maintain lateral balance: a bag that tilts to one side puts excessive pressure on the spine and irritates the shoulders. In addition, be sure to put as much material as possible inside the bag. Indeed, the presence of various pieces of equipment attached everywhere on the outside of the bag can seriously disturb the balance, especially when they can swing in all directions. Finally, keep in mind that the top pocket tends to be used as a depository for many, many small items which ultimately add a lot of weight and make the top bag particularly heavy.

Care Info:Your bag is an extremely durable product, made for years of use and harsh treatment. However, a few basic measures will ensure that the bag holds up optimally. When returning from each outing, be sure to clean the bag thoroughly: take out all the equipment, shake off all the dirt, wipe and rub any stubborn stain with clean water.
- If the bag is wet, dry it by hanging it out of the sun.
- Loosen all the straps, in particular, those used to recall the load at the top of the shoulder straps.
-Store the bag in a cool, dry place.
-Wash the bag occasionally time. Note:
1) If your bag includes removable shoulder straps and belt, remove them from the bag.
2) Wash the bag and its components in a bathtub or large sink using lukewarm water.
3) Gently agitate the bag, then rinse it thoroughly.
4) Dry it by hanging it outside, out of direct sunlight, or in a well-ventilated place.

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