AmmoMaster 50 BMG Pack
AmmoMaster 50 BMG Pack

AmmoMaster 50 BMG Pack


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RCBS has the perfect press for the reloader looking to reload the massive 50 BMG.

The AmmoMaster 2 is built like a tank and makes reloading the 50 BMG or any other cartridge a simple task. It will take standard 7/8-14 threaded dies with the included adaptor or can use the larger 1.5-12 threaded dies when the adapter is removed. >>This press has long support columns and a solid steel ram that provides enough strength to handle this massive cartridge.

Kit Includes:

AmmoMaster 2 Press

3-Die Set (full length sizer die, seater die and trim die

50 BMG shellholder

Ram priming unit

  • Press Type: Single stage
  • Frame Material: Cast aluminium
  • Frame Offset: None
  • Handle Location: Bottom right
  • Die Size Accepted: 1.5-12 with adapter removed, 7/8-14 with adapter installed
  • Die Bushing Accepted: None
  • Spent Primer Collection System: Yes <>Ram Stroke: 6.75"
  • Ram Diameter: 1" Steel <>Priming Feature: Ram Prime Unit, included
  • Number of Mounting Holes: 3
  • Mounting Hardware Included: No

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