Brass Smith Ideal C-Frame Press


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Lyman's Brass-Smith Ideal Press is the perfect starting point for beginners or as a precision companion press for experienced reloaders. The compact design of the Ideal Press requires minimal bench space, but it is not some flimsy lightweight! The rugged press frame is made of cast iron, while other components are all steel. The press features compound linkage for optimum leverage, a 1" diameter ram, and a 3 7/8" press opening which can handle all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges with a loaded length of up to 3.700". The press has a central handle position for easy ambidextrous use and a ball handle for comfortable operation. The Ideal Press accepts all 7/8x14 thread dies and standard shell holders. The press will provide accuracy and precision for beginners or experts, and is the perfect auxiliary press for those wishing to perform a specific operation separate from their main press.
III Rugged cast iron frame
III Ambidextrous design
III Handles all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges up to 3.700 in length
III Accepts all standard 7/8"x14 dies and standard shell holders
III Durable powder coat finish
III Compound linkage and 1" diameter ram
III Weight 13.8 pounds

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