butt-stock-rifle-7-round-ammo-holder-New Castle Leather
butt-stock-rifle-7-round-ammo-holder-Next Shot Bridger Premium Grey
butt-stock-rifle-7-round-ammo-holder-Westcliff Leather + Cheek Piece
butt-stock-rifle-7-round-ammo-holder-Next Shot Cody + Cheek Piece

Butt Stock Rifle 7 Round Ammo Holder


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Are you looking to elevate your shooting rig to the next level? The New Castle Full Grain Leather Buttstock Cartridge Carrier is a necessity for any outdoor enthusiast who values convenience and high-quality design. The carrier is designed to hold seven rifle cartridges, sized to fit .223 Remington to 300 Winchester Magnum sized ammunition. The cartridge carrier is built with a handsome construction, made of a rich brown leather. The full-grain leather carrier is strong and durable. The texture allows for a comfortable place to lean your cheek on when you're aiming toward your next big shot. Features a tacky grip interior panel to keep the carrier from slipping from the stock of the rifle. Designed with elastic straps with metal snaps to allow for quick and easy installation or removal. Improve your hunt with the New Castle Full Grain Leather Buttstock Cartridge Carrier.

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