Case Master Gauging Tool


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With its easy-to-use design and fast measuring process, the RCBS® Case Master gauging tool is an essential investment for any handloader who takes reloading seriously. It can help ensure that handloaded ammunition is safe and accurate, making it a must-have tool for anyone who values the quality and performance of their ammunition.

The Case Master gauging tool can measure case neck concentricity, uniformity, and thickness, as well as case length and bullet run-out. These measurements help handloaders achieve the ultimate level of precision in their reloading process, ensuring that each round of ammunition is consistent and reliable.

Overall, the RCBS Case Master gauging tool is an excellent addition to any reloading setup. Its ability to measure multiple dimensions quickly and accurately makes it a top tool for any handloader looking to produce high-quality, reliable ammunition.

  • Measures case neck concentricity, uniformity and thickness
  • Measures case length and bullet run-out
  • Detects case head separation
  • Quicker than a dial caliper

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