Case Slick Spray Lube

Case Slick Spray Lube


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Case Slick is an essential tool for any reloader looking to maximize their efficiency and extend the life of their brass. Its superior lubricity and corrosion protection make it the ideal choice for both novice and experienced reloaders alike. Case Slick helps to prevent case sticking and eliminates the need for frequent case cleaning during the reloading process. Its unique formula also contains corrosion inhibitors to protect metallic cases from rust and other forms of oxidation. Testing reveals Case Slick reduces the force needed to resize 308 Win. cases 35 percent to 70 percent when compared to other lubes. Reducing the resizing force makes the process easier on reloaders and their brass.

  • Reduces the force needed to resize 308 Win. cases by 35 to 70 percent
  • Formulated to flow evenly over the surface of the brass
  • Eliminates the possibility of denting the case shoulder

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