conquest-v4-4-16x50-ZBI Illuminuated (68)-Ballistic Turret, Capped Wind-
conquest-v4-4-16x50-ZMOAi-T30 Illuminated (64)-Capped Wind-

Conquest V4 4-16x50


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The Conquest V4 line of high-performance riflescopes combines the tried-and-true ZEISS optics concept with a rugged and functional design. Their compact design and perfect balance between a wide field of view and large magnification range is ideal for all types of hunting. The V4 models are equipped with a 4x zoom and functional, high-precision, and fully reliable mechanical components.

Special models have a ballistic turret with a wide reticle adjustment range (elevation and windage). As a result, the hunter has the flexibility needed for a variety of different hunting methods. Optional ballistic reticles are also available that allow the hunter to quickly make elevation and azimuth corrections with no mechanical adjustment necessary.

Thanks to its zoom range, the Conquest V4 4-16x50 is the perfect choice for daily use over medium and long distances in difficult lighting conditions. With its 16x setting, you can easily recognize every detail and therefore always accurately identify the animal.

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