Cyclone Case Dryer


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The perfect companion to any Ultrasonic or Rotary cleaning system. No longer will it be necessary to have to wait days for your brass to air dry! The forced heated air circulation of the Cyclone will dry your brass inside and out within an hour or two, with no unsightly water spots. The individual trays can keep your different caliber cases separate. Additionally, the dryer can also be used for gun parts that have been ultrasonically cleaned.
III Holds up to 1000-223 cases or 2000-9mm cases
III 3 hour timer
III Tray Dimensions: 10" L x 12.5" W x 1" Deep
III Recessed handles on trays for easy loading and unloading
III Fast drying time
III Works with brass cases or gun parts
III Durable and long-lasting ABS trays

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