dt11-eell-black-Trap with Adjustable Stock | RH-12GA-30" Round
dt11-eell-black-Trap | RH-12GA-30" Round
dt11-eell-black-Sporting | RH-12GA-30" Round

DT11 EELL Black


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This distinctive gun features the same DT11 Steelium Pro barrels, which significantly reduce felt recoil, along with the widened receiver. Strikingly, however, the gun has even more carbon fibre elements, most noticeably the side plates, which immediately catch the eye. The gun also features several other carbon fibre components including, the top rib, carbon fibre trigger unit and additionally, the trigger guard. The gun benefits from the inclusion of the B-Fast stock and barrel balancing system, making the gun completely customisable for weight and balance; enabling the individual to totally modify the gun to their specific requirements.

TheDT11currently boasts the best technology applied to shotguns for clay target shooting. Heir to the famous DT10 – the Beretta over and under that achieved the greatest international success – it is designed not only to meet the technical requirements of the shooting discipline, but incorporates the features of the most prestigious models.DT11 EELLelevates this prestige to the highest level addinglong sideplatesand bringing the wood grade from 3 to 4.

TheDT11 is Beretta's top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world's absolutebest clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor's (the DT10) and therefore stronger and even more durable.

The trigger has a truly custom feel, breaking at a crisp 3 ¬Ω lbs--which minimizes muscular interference with your swing and results in many more broken targets.

The center-mass of theDT11is designed to be low and coaxial with the bottom barrel, giving this shotgun unmatched stability and greatly reducing muzzle rise. And with its premium-gradeSteelium-Pro barrelsand high-grade stock that can be tailored to the customer's specifications, theDT11was born and bred to keep the serious competitor on target and on the podium.

Wide Receiver for Durability, Stability: Before rolling out the DT11, Beretta has consulted and worked with the world's top professional clay shooters, to create a shotgun that will stay miles ahead of the second-best. The best-in-class DT10 action has therefore morphed into the even-better DT11 receiver. The overall 3mm increase in the width of the receiver went all to enhance wall thickness, so that the gun will not only be even more durable, but also offer dreamlike stability and balance to the competitive shooter.

Improved grip and Operation: Thanks to its unequaled experience, Beretta knows that at the professional level every detail can make the difference between gold and silver. We have accordingly incorporated several tweaks to the design of the DT11 for a no-compromise quest for victory. The redesigned top lever improves the grip, reduces stress and provides more comfort for both right- and left-handed shooters. Also, the shape of the safety selector has been redesigned for a better grip and smoother operation, to keep the mind of the competitor where it matters without any fatigue or distraction.

Premium Barrels: The DT11's Steelium Pro barrels are constructed of a proprietary steel engineered to offer extreme durability and superior ballistic performance. The long, 480mm forcing cone keeps shot patterns consistently accurate while minimizing recoil and muzzle rise. Also, the newly designed barrel bridges are internally hollowed, while the side ribs are windowed to improve barrelbalance and help dissipate heat. No wonder that Beretta's DT11 is considered today's absolute best competition over-under shotgun.

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