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Nature never sleeps. And the passion for hunting doesn't rest either. We can trust in our intuition, in our feeling for the game. For absolute certainty, the right equipment is crucial. The ZEISS DTI 4 is a thermal imaging camera developed by ZEISS that performs at its best both from a raised hide and when stalking. With a high-resolution 640 x 512 sensor and ZSIP, it delivers high-contrast, detailed image quality anywhere in your hunting ground-even over long distances.

The ZEISS DTI 4/35 is the ideal thermal imaging camera for demanding hunting in forested areas. Thanks to the large field of view of 26 meters at 100 meters in combination with its best-in-class image processing quality, the ZEISS DTI 4/35 allows you to detect heat sources in detail even when stalking in the most obscured areas.

For demanding raised hide hunting, the ZEISS DTI 4/50 is the perfect choice thanks to its tremendous detection range. Detect heat sources clearly and with high contrast at distances of up to 2,635 meters and identify even the smallest details in sharp image quality thanks to ZSIP.

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