Ez Aim Gong Target Rubber Strap Hanging Kit


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The EZ Aim® Rubber Strap Gong Target Hanging Kit features 2 die-cut reinforced rubber straps designed to hang gong shooting targets, with perimeter holes, providing you the tools needed to sharpen your skills. This long-lasting solution for target hanging reduces movement after hits and is designed to adapt for use with the EZ Aim® Custom Target System.

  • TARGET SHOOTING KIT: Kit provides everything you need to start shooting‚Äî2 die-cut rubber straps, 2 bolts, 2 eyebolts, 2 locking rings, 2 nuts, & 4 washers.
  • SHOOTING GONG: Able to hang most gong targets, with perimeter mounting holes, & is adaptable to most applications.
  • EZ Aim¬Æ TARGETS: Get creative with how you challenge yourself at the range & take your skillset to the next level.

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