Scout TKx

Scout TKx


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The FLIR Scout TKx is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular that can help you clearly see people, objects, and animals in total darkness more than 90 meters (100 yards) away. This versatile thermal imager features a simple, user-friendly design and can capture both images and record video. With the Scout TKx, it’s easy to survey large areas and see heat signatures in low-light conditions or outside at night—making it an ideal choice for observing wildlife, home security, or public safety.

Reveals Your Surroundings: See people, objects and animals in the dark from more than 90m.

Reliable & Versatile: Use the Scout TKx for many outdoor applications including observing wildlife, home security, search and rescue, and public safety.

Easy To Use: Designed for single-handed operation, the Scout TKx features a simple four-button design and intuitive interface.

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