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Cover ring adapters are special mounting units, that enable installation of digital or/and thermal imaging attachments in front of the objectives of day optic devices (riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars). Adapters are supplied with a set of insert rings (the choice of the insert ring is defined by the outer diameter of the objectives housing of optic device). After installation the adapter stays constantly on the objective of optic device which allows installing the thermal of digital attachment in front of the objective swiftly. During the day when the attachment is not used, adapter serves as the mount for the protective cover (included in the package), which protects the lens of day optics.

Easy mounting
Adapter design does not require the use of special tools (dynamometrical wrench) during the installation of adapter on the housing of day optics, all operations can be performed with hex-nut wrenches included in the package. Adapter is fixed by pressing the fixing clip. The fixing clip rotation is in horizontal plane (parallel to optic axis of day riflescope and attachment), thanks to that the rotation of adapter on the riflescope after the final setting and alignment is eliminated. There exists a constructive possibility to install the adapter in positions"fixing clip on the right" and "fixing clip on the left".
Metal body
Design of the Cover Ring Adapters includes a wide variety of parts made from different metals. The housing is produced from an aluminum alloy using the method of milling and is characterized by high firmness and light weight. Screws, spring, fixing clip and pins are made from steel.
Insert rings
In order to install adapter on the housing of the day optic device (spotting scope, binoculars or riflescope) it is necessary to use one of the insert rings supplied in the adapter package. The rings are molded from plastic which ensures safe contact with optic device as well as the high reliability of adapter installation (firmness, evenness of placement).
Insusceptibility to temperature changes
Temperature changes do not influence the correct work of adapter (e.g.: adaptor installed in the room can be confidently used in the conditions of big frost without any installation corrections).
Service durabilityAdapter is designed for a long term operation even if used on optic riflescopes installed on big caliber weapons. High exploitation qualities mean that the adaptors can be used in the temperatures exceeding those allowed for digital and thermal attachments, durability and overall reliability of individual parts of the adaptor.

Day optics compatibility 40 ... 42 mm lens diameter
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Dimensions, 83x75x78 mm
Weight of the adapter (without cover), g135 g
Weight of the cover, 45 g
Attachment's mounting type bayonet
Quantity of attachment's mounting points 4
The outer diameter of the insert ring, 55 mm
The inner diameter of the insert rings, mm / weight, g 45.5/18; 46/16; 46.5/16; 47/14; 48/14; 49/12; 50/10
Body material Aluminum alloy
Insert ring material Plastic
Protective cover material Plastic

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