TU451 LRF Thermal Rifle Scope
TU451 LRF Thermal Rifle Scope
TU451 LRF Thermal Rifle Scope

TU451 LRF Thermal Rifle Scope


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With the laser rangefinder seamlessly integrated into a slim-design scope, the TU Gen2 LRF Series enables precise detection of targets at distances of up to 1,500 meters, empowering hunters with a reliable perception of distance at the hunting site to make accurate shots. The product has undergone meticulous optimization in its detailed design, elevating user-friendly operation. Furthermore, the battery life has seen a substantial extension, resulting in a 20% increase in duration.

  • 400 x 300px Sensor Resolution

  • 1440 × 1080px AMOLED Display

  • 12  Hours Battery Life

  • 1000m/1500m Laser Ranging

  • HD AMOLED display for higher image quality and reduced visual fatigue

  • The PureIR algorithm for high-sensitivity thermal images

  • Built-in laser rangefinder for 600m accurate target detection

  • Super long battery life of up to 12 hours

  • OTA firmware upgrade by connecting to the APP

  • Photo and video recording to keep the best moments

  • IP67 encapsulation, resistant to 800G shock

  • User-friendly improved left-hand operation experience and optimized opening direction of USB cover

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