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The original fastest bore cleaner on the planet has a new home. Hoppe"s BoreSnake Viper Den is a compact carrying case with a built in handle for easy storage between firearm cleanings. It conveniently fits in a range bag or backpack to protect your Boresnake during transport.

The lid of the Viper Den doubles as convenient pull handle that snaps into the clear case for storage.

Boresnake Viper includes the following enhancements over the original Boresnake:

  • Brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with size
  • 50% more brush cleaning power than the BoreSnake
  • Cone-shaped bore guide on the leading end
  • Nylon cord attached directly to the bronze scrubbing brush
  • Lubrication zone

  • Viper Den Features:
  • Convenient new case for easy storage and transport
  • Lid acts as a pull handle
  • Includes BoreSnake Viper
  • Patented case design

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