M7Xi IFS 2.9-20x50


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Steiner is introducing the new 2.9-20x variable power optic to the ever-popular M7Xi Series riflescope line. The outstanding detail recognition and unmatched optical quality of the M7Xi 2.9-20x platform has received widespread global admiration by special forces and sports shooters alike. It enables reliable hits on targets to 1,500 meters and beyond, in a shorter, lighter, and more compact profile. All while providing a more generous field of view to maximize operational awareness.


  • The short overall length of the scope creates more rail space for clip-on devices (e.g. thermal imaging or night vision devices) for superior operational capabilities in any combat situation.

  • Precise windage / elevationis easy and accurate for repeatable accuracy, with tactile click-by-click feedback you can hear and feel.

  • Low profile turrets provide outstanding situational awareness and additional mounting options for add-ons and accessories.

  • Extreme ruggedness and reliability achieved through durable materials and reliable design. A sturdy 34mm tube provides reliability and more space for windage and elevation adjustments for longer shots.

  • IFS - Intelligent Firing Solution with individually customizable display in the field of view showing all required information in real time ‚Äö√Ñ√¨ once set you'll never lose sight of the target.

  • The built in Ballistic Calculator and sensor suite determines the bullet point of impact in real time.

  • Individual customisable display provides information about levelling and the current turret setting, allowing you to know the current exact shooting position in the field of view. Display and user interface can be customized to user needs.

  • Bluetooth-connectivity for easy set-up on the smart phone. All information can be moved freely or deactivated if needed via smartphone app.

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