predator-8-3-24x50-E3 IR

Predator 8 3-24x50


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The Predator 8 is the most versatile and precise line of hunting optics ever made by Steiner featuringa powerful 8x system.Be prepared for hunting any species,in any terrain across the globe with aSteiner Predator 8.

An integrated customizableballistic turretallowsshooters to reliably and accurately dial for bullet drop, andthree different numbered,movablerings, can be set tocustom distances for quick dialing. Audible and tactile turret mechanicsprovidesure, intuitive operation and a Zero Mode means shooters can quickly get back to zero without coming off the optic.

Awide field of view and high-contrast lens coatingsensure fast, brilliant, and crisp images with high edge-to-edge sharpness and outstanding detail recognition. Users will not lose accuracy on dark targets or in low light with illuminated reticle options with 11 brightness settings.

The Predator 8 3-24x50 includes a rear focal planeE3 Ballistic reticle, with cascading subtensions and windage dots to help with tricky holdovers.


  • Integrated customizable ballistic turret

  • High-contrast glass with best-in-class optical clarity

  • Extra-wide field of view

  • Industry-leading light transmission

  • Versatile 8X system

  • Illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings

  • Zero mode

  • Rear focal plane E3 Ballisticreticle

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