sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Hunting (Single Interface Mount)-30mm-H30/1.18"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Aesthetic (No Interface Mount)-30mm-H30/1.18"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Hunting (Single Interface Mount)-30mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Aesthetic (No Interface Mount)-30mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Hunting (Single Interface Mount)-34mm-H30/1.18"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Aesthetic (No Interface Mount)-34mm-H30/1.18"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Hunting (Single Interface Mount)-34mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Hunting (Single Interface Mount)-36mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Aesthetic (No Interface Mount)-36mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Interface (Dual Interface Mount)-34mm-H34/1.35"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Interface (Dual Interface Mount)-34mm-H30/1.18"
sct-mount-tikka-t3x-trg-mount-Interface (Dual Interface Mount)-30mm-H34/1.35"

SCT Mount (Tikka T3X & TRG Mount)


Sale price$310.00
Tax included.

Our new Hunting Series of mounts - offering a more attractive and lightweight alternative to the ISMS series of scope mounts. The SCT-3001 is designed for the Tikka T3X, but will also fit on the SAKO TRG 22/42, and features one classic ring and one interface ring, which can be rotated as to position the interface/accessory in either the 12-o'clock or 3-/9-o'clock position.


Height: 30 mm/1.18"

Length: 118 mm/4.65"

Weight: 153 g/5.4 oz

Note: For rifles with TRG/Tikka T3 dovetail - NOT for Picatinny rail or SAKO TRG-S.

10-degree wedge included

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