Smartreloader Scale/Funnel/Trickler


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The new Smartreloader® Reloading Powder Digital Scale features a 750 grains (50 grams) capacity and a 0,1 grains (0,01 grams) resolution. It is supplied with a 10 grams test weight, a plastic tray and two measure tools (2.5cc and 0.7cc). All of this plastic parts, including the plastic scale's parts are static free to ensure safe reloading operations to the user. Thanks to its new 1/10,000 accuracy loadcell installed this scale is the most accurate reloading scale in the market. Usually all the reloading scales have a 1/5,000 accuracy loadcell installed on. The SR750 scale features generous dimensions for the reloader but it is compact (4.48"x3.5"x0.8") and can be stored or carried anywhere. Each function can be operated with different buttons: "ON/OFF", "TARE" and "Weighing Mode". Thanks to its highest quality sensors, the scale will allow to be overloaded without damaging. Most of the reloading scales in the market will got broken when the platform is overloaded even once. The SR750 scale can be overloaded up to 11lbs. (5Kgs.) without any damage to the good functioning of the scale.

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