SPUHR NV Clip-on Adapter


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Spuhr A-700 NV Clip-on Adapter

\nThe A-700 NV Clip-On Adapter allows the user to position a clip-on image intensifier in front of-and aligned with-the primary optics of the weapon. The user can adjust the angle of the A-700 from 0 to 13 MIL (0 to 44.4 MOA) as to achieve the same tilt as the ISMS mount the A-700 is being attached to. This minimizes the optical distortion between the image intensifier and the primary optic-thus maximizing target identification and hit probability. \n \nLength (total): 410 mm/16.14" \n \nLength (from face of mount): 300 mm/11.81" \n \nLength (of Picatinny): 140 mm/5.51" \n \nWeight: 200 g/7.0 oz \n \nNote: The A-700 is designed for use with the SP-**01 and SP-**02 non-cantilever series of mounts and should not be used on rifles with heavy recoil.

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