SR777 Bench Rest Case Trimmer


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The SmartReloader SR777 Bench Rest Case Trimmer features a steel body and steel precisely machined parts for an accurate and precise trim- ming of your cases. Turn the case while the hard cutter is held! The universal collet will keep firmly and perfectly aligned the case with the cutter. This system will grant an excellent trimming action and the best results for your next reloads. Cutter is replaceable. The SR777 comes with 12 pilots virtually for any caliber, 2 Case Neck Brushes and 2 Primer Pocket Cleaner (S & L). The pilots included in the box are for the following calibers: .22, 6mm, .25, .270, 7mm, .30, 8mm, .338, 9.3mm, .338, .375, .458.

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