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The sleek SuperSport shotgun is a speed gun suited for any clays course or shotgun competition. Benelli's ultra-reliable Inertia Driven System delivers smooth, consistent, daylong operation during extended contests involving hundreds of shots. The exclusive ComforTech recoil-reduction system mitigates felt recoil by nearly 50% to help you get on target more than 65% faster for follow-up shots. SuperSport's ported Crio barrel adds further recoil reduction and teams with extended Crio chokes to produce consistent shot patterns. Included gel recoil pads and a shim kit equip you to tailor the fit of the gun to your specifications. And SuperSport's carbon-finish stock even makes the gun look fast. Offered in 12- and 20-gauge models.

Comfort Tech 3 recoil-reduction system: ETHOS SuperSport uses the Comfort Tech 3 system. This gun gives a big performance with small recoil.

Instinctive Aiming: A front fiber-optic and mid-barrel bead set in the broadway sight channel on the carbon-fiber rib naturally guide your eye to the target shot after shot.

Ported Barrel: The ported barrel helps to minimise recoil and muzzle jump.

Extended Chokes: Five extended choke tubes are included to facilitate quick changes in the heat of competition

Shell View System: ETHOS SuperSport models feature our Shell View system to provide fast and easy visual inspection of how many shells are loaded in the magazine tube. The red follower/indicator in the picture shows there are four shells in the magazine tube.

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