Trap Skybird With Tripod


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Easy to load and easy to release, the Champion SkyBird 3/4 Cock Tri-Pod Trap is a manual thrower that is designed for long days on the range. The 3/4-cock design does most of the work and the throwing arm needs to be pulled only through the last 1/4 of the arc to reset for the next throw. It also features a versatile throwing arm that throws doubles, mini, midi, rabbit, and standard clays out to 70 yards and the waist-high tripod offers both a unique shooting experience as well as an ergonomically-sound method of resetting the trap.

  • One-way clutch for consistent 3/4 cock
  • Sits waist high for comfortable shooting experience
  • Professional grade70-yard range
  • Throws Mini, Midi and Standard clays
  • Throws doubles stacked or side by side
  • Foot release or long thumb release

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