vapor-rear-deploying-2-blade-broadhead-100gr-3 Pack-

Vapor Rear Deploying 2 Blade Broadhead


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The Stryke Vapor Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads are engineered to be the most lethal, strongest, and true flying broadhead. The broadheads are made of durable .032" stainless steel blades and can be used with bows and crossbows. Built with the Slide and Slice design, the broadheads create a large 50mm cutting diameter, creating a larger blood trail for easier tracking of your kill. The pack includes six O-rings, designed to lock the blades into place and increase the arrow accuracy when broadheads are in flight. Be part of the evolution and take the game with a bow or crossbow. Choose the Stryke Vapor Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads as your next shooting device, you will not be disappointed with the strength, durability, and tracking features these broadheads have to offer! Each broadhead weighs 100gr and are sold in packs of 3

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