victory-ht-2-5-10x50-60 Illuminated
Victory HT 2.5-10x50

Victory HT 2.5-10x50


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The ultimate all-rounder in the HT line for all hunting applications: whether you are shooting in motion or sitting, this riflescope is suitable for any hunting situation. The innovative optical design of the ZEISS Victory® HT line really flexes its muscles in the twilight.

ZEISS has always been synonymous for bright, high-contrast optics-the company is now setting standards: the ZEISSVictory® HT riflescopes will go down as the brightest optics in the company's history. A revolutionary optical design enables them to achieve transmission of 95% and more. This is achieved through the perfect interaction of SCHOTT HT glass and the enhanced ZEISS T* multi-coating. ZEISSVictory HT riflescope sallow you to experience hunting in a whole new dimension. On a hunt, you can observe longer and hunt precisely-even late into twilight and at night. Experience cutting-edge optics-with the brightest premium optics from ZEISS.

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