victory-v8-1-1-8x24-60 Illuminated

Victory V8 1.1-8x24


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Equipped for everyday hunting: ZEISS V8 riflescopes deliver more successful moments on the hunt than any other riflescope from ZEISS thanks to the combination of sophisticated features and their perfect interaction. Outstanding optical quality, an extra-large eye box for fast target acquisition, and the finest illuminated dot in the world make it an unsurpassed companion in any hunting situation. For greater success during your hunt.

Maximum overview and visible comfort: the eye box of the ZEISS V8 1.1-8x24 is larger than the human pupil, maximizing the area in which the hunter sees the entire image. This gives them more room to position their eye and enables them to acquire targets much more quickly-a crucial advantage during driven hunts. Together with its 1.1x magnification, this means the ZEISS V8 1.1-8x24 is ideally suited for quick shots at close range.

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