VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28
VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28
VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28

VX-Freedom Scout 1.5-4x28


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VX-Freedom replaces the long running VX-1 and VX-2 ranges, and offers better optics than the VX-2 at a lower price point than VX-1. In so doing VX-Freedom rewrites the rules on the price vs quality equation for an American built scope, and they are proving to be very popular with shooters who demand maximum performance for the least amount of dollars spent.

The new VX-Freedom defines what a rifle scope should be: reliable, accurate, and extremely clear and bright. Leupold have taken decades of American manufacturing combined with unbeatable optical performance and rolled it in to a scope that is guaranteed to get the job done every time.

With a host of new features, the VX-Freedom lets you unleash your rimfire, dominate the range, or stretch across an open draw with all the confidence in the world, and with a price tag that won't break the budget.

The Scout model provides extra-long eye relief which enables a mid-mount or forward mount position on scout style rifles. This allows for fast two-eyes-open target acquisition and leaves the action uncluttered for rapid reloads.


  • 3:1 zoom ratio

  • 1" Maintube

  • Ergonomic Power Selector

  • Twilight Light Management System

  • Low light performance

  • Increased contrast

  • Glare reduction


  • New Easy-to-read, high contrast adjustment markings

  • Extreme recoil tested

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Waterproof and fog proof

  • Scratch resistant lenses

  • Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee