Wheeler Pro Scope Mounting Kit Combo 1" & 30Mm

Wheeler Pro Scope Mounting Kit Combo 1" & 30Mm


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Professional Scope Mounting Kits >>Complete kit provides everything necessary to mount a scope the correct way, including an instructional DVD. Proper scope installation is critical to the accuracy of your firearm. Get the most accuracy possible out of your gun by ensuring proper scope installation. Alignment and Lapping of rings ensure maximum surface area contact between scope tube and rings. This not only helps the rings hold the scope more securely but also protects your scope from damage misalignment can cause. The Wheeler Alignment Bars, Lapping Bars and Lapping Compound allow you to achieve the perfect fit between scope and rings. Reticle Leveling is also a key component to the accuracy of your set up. Crosshairs that are not properly leveled will result in errors in left/right windage especially at longer distances. Misalignment can also compromise true linear movement from turret adjustments. The Wheeler Level-Level-Level makes it quick and easy to get the reticle perfectly aligned with your gun. Securing Fasteners properly is critical to accuracy as well. Precisely controlled torque along with thread locking compound will keep your scope held securely in place. Professional grade bits and the F.A.T. Wrench are the perfect combination to properly secure fasteners without deformation. >>Complete list of components <> Scope ring alignment bars <> Scope ring lapping rod and handle <> Lapping compound <> Level-Level-Level <> F.A.T. Wrench <> 10 gunsmithing bits <> Thread locking compound <> Scope mounting DVD

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