Wolf 14 NL1
Wolf 14 NL1
Wolf 14 NL1
Wolf 14 NL1

Wolf 14 NL1


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The AGM Wolf-14 NL1 stands as a versatile head-mountable night vision monocular, seamlessly offering clear and intensified images at a remarkably affordable price. Designed for flexibility, this device can be effortlessly transitioned from handheld to head-mounted use. Boasting a Gen 2+ image intensifier tube, it ensures superior performance with a green phosphor viewing mode. Additionally, the Wolf-14 comes equipped with a built-in IR illuminator that allows you to adjust the IR light in varying light conditions, thereby preventing IR washout. With applications spanning hunting, recreation, and security, the Wolf-14 proves itself as a reliable companion for diverse nocturnal activities.

Included in the package 

  • Rhino mount
  • J-Arm
  • Soft bag
  • Lens paper
  • Safety/hard case
  • User Manual

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