Xfocus Bench Bag Filled


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The Allen Company X-Focus Filled Bench Shooting Rest/Bag is a comfortable and convenient solution to fit your hunting needs. You can use the shooting rest almost anywhere, from a portable to permanent shooting bench out in the field. Filled with inert poly beads, the shooting rest is designed to create a comfortable and steady platform when aiming your rifle. The gun cradle area is constructed with tacky grip material, serving as a self-tightening surface grip to hold your rifle into place and acquire your targets. Not only does the non-slip material provide a stable shooting surface, but it is gentle on your firearm's finish leaving your investment unharmed. The bottom of the shooting rest features tacky grip panels to securely hold the shooting rest into place. Choose the Allen Company X-Focus Filled Bench Shooting Rest/Bag as the convenient solution to add to your hunting pack. Overall pack weighs approximately 8.2-pounds.

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