xtr-ii-8-40x50-F-Class MOA

XTR II 8-40x50


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The XTR II 8-40x is the largest magnification scope in the entire Burris lineup. While it was intended primarily for bench rest and fixed-position extreme long range targets, it's also become very popular for people shooting prairie dogs and other varmints from the next county over.

The XTR II 8-40x50mm uses the XT-80 click adjustment knob, which provides 80 clicks per rotation. The F-Class reticle is MOA.

The riflescope out-delivers its modest price tag.


  • Designed for serious, technical, long-range precision rifle shooters.

  • F-Class MOA illuminated front-focal plane reticle is optimized for long-range, F-Class competitive shooting.

  • The reticle is laid out in 1/2-MOA increments.

  • The reticle has a secondary horizontal crosshair and grid to provide 20 MOA of additional adjustment beyond the turret adjustment capability, while still retaining the ability to use the wind hold-off references.

  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability.

  • Index-matched Hi Lume multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate.

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