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ZC420 4-20x50


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The Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 combines excellent optical performance with unmatched mechanical precision in the best ultra-short design ever developed.

With the highest levels of mechanical precision, flawless optical performance, and extreme durability, this compact scope easily competes with much larger riflescopes. At just 325mm (12.8 inches) in length and 986g (34.8oz) in weight, it's ideal for any application where size and maximum performance are paramount.

ZC420's 4X low magnification range provides a wide field of view (28 feet) for rapid target acquisition and close-range action. While at the top end of its x20 magnification, you've got a long-range shooter's dream where target engagements up to 1000 yards and beyond are in range.

The riflescope's mechanical system allows 35 mils of elevation adjustment for extreme long-range engagements when required. Never before has so much performance been combined in such an elegant and compact riflescope.


ZCO's optical engineers have set the next standard for clarity, light transmission and resolution in a compact scope package. Never before has such performance been seen in this magnification range and lens size. Total light transmission is 92% while maintaining excellent colour fidelity matched with best in class resolution for the ultimate viewing experience.

  • 36mm Main Tube
    The tube delivers optical and mechanical systems that work in unison for supreme performance; no compromises. With more internal room, optical components are better protected to withstand external distortion, stress and impacts. Further, extra room means ZCO can deliver larger lens components for remarkable optical quality, while providing massive amounts of elevation and windage travel. In this case, big is better; significantly better.
  • 50mm Objective with ED lenses
    ZCO scopes use Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lenses for the objective components to maximize resolution, colour correction, and contrast. These larger lens components bring better light transmission, flatness of field, and premium resolution.
  • Multiple Illumination Settings
    The illumination ring can be off, low light, 0-day time brightness, and shooters can choose between red and green illumination. (Including levels compatible for night vision.)
  • AIM Automatic Illumination Management
    ZC420 uses advanced sensing capability to detect when the rifle is out of shooting position to conserve battery life. Illumination is deactivated by the AIM when the scope exceeds 75 degrees in up or down angle tilt or when exceeding 45 degrees to either side.
  • Fast Focus Locking Diopter
    Provides rapid, precise reticle focus. Its lock ensures diopter settings aren't unintentionally changed.
  • Rapid Parallax Adjustment
    An excellent balance of speed and precision making it quick, accurate and naturally easy to establish a parallax-free image with zero backlash, even under heavy mirage or other challenging conditions. This is accomplished in about 190 degrees of rotation. Dial rotation is smooth with a lot of travel for maximal precision.
  • Turrets like no other
    Very audible, super-precise, perfect visual alignment and lockable; these turrets provide the ultimate in consistency and repeatability. Elevation and windage click-spline mechanisms are built using hardened steel that's eroded cut for the highest level of precision. They also have a large adjustment range for elevation and windage travel.
  • Maximum Field of View
    Industry-leading eyepiece lens design delivers maximum field of view (28.0' degree FOV) a substantial eye box, eye relief, and flatness of field. The eyepiece is built for comfort, even in all day use.
  • Magnification Change Lever (MCL)
    Machined into the magnification ring so it is ergonomic, snag-free, won't hinder bolt manipulation. ZCO gives great consideration to rotational torque of all controls, so rapid changes of any control are possible with smooth and consistent torque ‚ even in freezing conditions. The magnification ring is slightly raised and its numbers enlarged so it can easily be seen and accessed from a shooting position.
  • Real Rugged
    Every material has been carefully selected for its ability to withstand constant cycling without compromising its performance. Critical junctions and mechanical areas are stronger thanks to a thicker cross-section in specific areas.

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