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ZC840 8-40x56


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Zero Compromise Optics has set the next standard in magnification, imaging performance & mechanical precision with this scope. With its 8-40x magnification & unsurpassed resolution, this optic transcends anything you've ever seen before. The ZC840 has an elevation adjustment range of 28mils & a field of view of 4.6m/100m - 1.0m/100m at 40x magnification, giving shooters a substantial image to keep their target in view.

  • 36mm Main Tube
    The tube delivers optical and mechanical systems that work in unison for supreme performance & no compromises. With more internal room, optical components are better protected to withstand external distortion, stress and impact. Further, extra room means ZCO can deliver larger lens components for remarkable optical quality while providing massive amounts of elevation and windage travel. In this case, big is better; significantly better.
  • 56mm Objective with ED Lenses
    ZCO scopes use Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lenses for the objective components to maximise resolution, colour correction and contrast. These larger-lens components bring better light transmission, flatness of field, and premium resolution.
  • Turrets like no other
    Very audible, super-precise, perfect visual alignment and lockable; these turrets provide the ultimate in consistency and repeatability. Elevation and windage click-spline mechanisms are built using hardened steel that's eroded cut for the highest level of precision. They also have a large adjustment range for elevation and windage travel.
  • Real Rugged
    Every material has been carefully selected for its ability to withstand constant cycling with zero compromises to performance. Critical junctions and mechanical areas are stronger thanks to a thicker cross-section in specific areas.

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