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Daka Volume Pouch


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TheDAKA Volume Pouchwas specifically designed to maximizeusable storagespace while maintaining a compact footprint. Its intuitive design allows theVolume Pouchto stand vertically on its own and expand up to three litersin sizewhen in use. The wide mouth and water-resistant zippered opening allow the user toinsertand remove items with one hand without having toholdit open with the other. The large translucent window makes organizing and locating gear even easier,and a single large carabiner attachment point doubles as a lashing point and carrying handle so yourstored gearwill always be at hand when needed.

Like our other DAKA pouches, theVolume Pouchis made from polymer-infused textiles that are RF-welded on all seams and use water-resistant zippers. The construction methods and materialsweuse mean thatourDAKApouches are at home in hard use applications such as tool storage, as well asforlighter duties such as organizing your personal electronics. These water-resistant pouches‚ÄØwill keep yourgeardry in most wet environments, making them a great choice for most outdoor adventures.

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