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Glock 27


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Backup GLOCK - Small, light, accurate and powerful: The GLOCK 27 is the backup weapon for all situations.


  • GLOCK Pistols are among the safest pistols ever designed with no user action required to render the three internal safeties automatically safe.
  • GLOCK Pistols have the lowest number of components and controls making it both simple to train on and simple to maintain.
  • GLOCK Pistols have no encumbering parts to slow the speed of acquiring the target.


  • Caliber: 40 S&W
  • Mag Capacity: 9
  • Barrel length: 88mm
  • Weight: 560g
  • "Safe Action" system
  • Durable exterior finish
  • Cold hammer forged barrel
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Lightweight

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